What the Audience Says

"Spellbinding and filled with surprises."

"Very emotional�genuine�heartfelt�"

"Superbly acted and staged.

"I was really impressed with it, it’s factual, he tells it honestly and as he is an awesome actor you really feel the character in his presentation, he puts you there in body and soul. I liked it !"

"I don’t know where Rudy went when he arrived on stage because in his place was Geronimo – we felt his pain, his struggles, his grief, and his dignity which never left him throughout his difficult life journey – Rudy personified the truth of this history."

"I felt like we as the audience were privy to Geronimo the man."

"Thank you Rudy, Steve, and Janelle for your phenomenal collaboration!!!"

"Rudy is an amazing man, an incredible actor and we all felt as if we were in the presence of Geronimo. Not sure where Rudy went, but Geronimo was “in the house” that night. Brilliant, not enough words. Such a sensitive performance, If he brings this performance to a town near you, DO NOT miss seeing him."

"An absolutely great performance!!! just perfect."

THEATRE REVIEW #349 - Geronimo
“A Story Within A Story – Honest & Real – “Geronimo…”- An Amazing One-Man Performance!”
Written By Lorenzo Marchessi


You’re going to see nothing but the best at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks as Rudy Ramos takes the stage and stars - and truly is - the legendary “Geronimo” in an originally powerful piece in a phenomenal one-man performance. Written by Janelle Meraz Hooper in three acts – it’s called “Geronimo – Life On The Reservation”. It’s a first-person tale of history as told by the iconic Native American himself and it’s written with the passion of the actual person as if the words were being spoken for the first time on stage as you see it, it was a truly engaging experience to see

Directed by Steve Railsback, performer Rudy Ramos gives a passionate rendering of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of a man who survived ridiculous occurrences, loss of family and even imprisonment all based on a racial/cultural differences that existed in his time. Steve did a simple but effective job at allowing Rudy to shine and especially giving him moments of ‘silence’ to drive some of these important events in his life really home for the audience watching.

It’s a personal journey that takes us through three segments of Geronimo’s life. Starting in 1886 in mountains of Arizona and New Mexico in Act I – then in 1903 in a POW camp in Oklahoma in Act II – and then finally in Act III in 1918 on street corner back in Oklahoma. Here writer, director and Rudy take you the audience on a dramatically verbalized historical journey that as Rudy progresses - does some of the most subtle but effective changes in his performance as you will see the stories of his life wearing down on him with each act. Bravo Rudy, bravo!

With production design, graphics and stage management by David Svengalis, simple as they were - the imagery and words spoken by Rudy were only enhanced by the feeling of great wisdom and intelligence this man must have had.

One-man shows can usually be hit or miss, and when they are done well, you will be moved, intrigued and at the very best – educated in a small away about a man and his legendary existence. “Geronimo – Life on the Reservation” does exactly that! Something that young and old should see and then share – its history and performance come to life. Check them out and get your tickets WhitefireTheatre dot com and at Goldstar dot com/events/sherman-oaks-ca/geronimo-life-on-the-reservation-tickets and tell them Lorenzo sent you from FaceBook dot com/TheGeekAuthority !

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